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It is a Saturday, and I am catching up on my new twitter followers. I do use an automated response that promises that I will retweet something on their feed if they retweet my pinned post that promotes my novelette. It is a simple exchange that provides many benefits. No, I am not a social media guru. I don’t even really want to be. I just want to have a ready audience for when I launch my next book. I would even love to sell my current novelette and hear if someone enjoyed the story.

The purpose of this article is to give some basic advice for those of you who use twitter.

Please have a pinned post that displays your personal message, product, or position. You can only pin a tweet using a browser for some reason. You can’t do it using the mobile twitter app.

Put your message in a graphic meme. For example:

Haunting Cover


You can insert your text into a graphic image like this, and then post the links to your product, services, or web page for additional information. Links and photos only deduct 50 words from your word count out of the 140 words allowed to you by twitter. Many people are more interested in a photo versus an article anyway.



Finally, by retweeting other followers pinned posts, you expose yourself to their followers and they expose themselves to your followers. Even if you have no intention of buying from them, you both increase your chances of finding someone who wants what you provide.




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