In 2016, I attended a horror film panel at the Phoenix Comicon. One of the people from Blumhouse (won’t drop their name) was commenting that it would be great if there were more horror films that you could take your 13-year-old to. They had also mentioned that the big thing is finding ways to keep the budget low on a horror film because many of them really don’t make more than one or two million if they are lucky. Many of them are just break even films from a go-fund-me project.

That is when I approached the person and made my upstart pitch that the story and location in my novelette would have all of those elements. They politely declined, because the big companies do nothing without a script agency.

It is a potential for a very low budget indie film, that you can take your young teen to, and it is in a house that is haunted by at least a PK manifestation if not a potential demon.

The place is owned by the bank because no one will stay in it longer than six months. A couple of months of filming, pay a little rent to the bank for its​ use. Do it in the style of hand-held​ cameras like the main character and a few others characters are taking the ​film from their phones as they are trying to document their experiences. Like the movie paranormal activity. A budding filmmaker​ who wants to make a name for themselves could have a great low budget story.

Set-up a gofundme, set-up a hype countdown website and youtube video to the release date. Advertise “IT IS COMING!” Feature that snarl ​and a multicolored face in the add that would promote the film.

I am not greedy, just offer a proposal for a small cut of the profit if any. I am more interested in the exposure, as would be the new filmmaker​ trying to get a film IMDb.

This example is cheesy, but I’m not a filmmaker​ and I just wanted to feature the snarl at the end.


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