One of the things that I really love about reading other really great authors, is that I can see the example of excellence that I can emulate. I am currently going through “The Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss and in this story, it takes place as a first person narrative that flashes back to the past of the main character.

I am currently writing an urban fantasy that has an occasional flashback to the past and Mr. Rothfuss’ story has provided me with an example of excellence to follow. I have no intention of plagiarizing​ his work. But what I can follow is the evident effort and clear love that he put into his story. I need to savor the building of my own story, in my own words. I need to be patient with the the amount of time that it should take to produce an excellent story.

I have to admit though, I envy Patrick Rothfuss’ ability to come up with really cool names. I have a weakness for naming characters that I would like to overcome.

Does anyone have suggestions on their techniques for naming characters?

This IS a blog after all​.

Meeting Patrick Rothfuss at the Phoenix Comicon


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