I just discovered a new horror a couple of days ago. After suffering one of the worst colds in a long time I tried various cold meds. Then I tried Mucinex maximum strength dm. After I poured this stuff down my gullet, I could only compare it to mixing Jägermeister with turpentine. My face contorted into various uncontrollable shapes and all I wanted to do was to wash the aftertaste out of my mouth. My wife gave me a look as though she thought I was being overdramatic until she had to take some the next day after catching my cold. Her reaction was pretty similar. Overall, the stuff did dry me out. But my suggestion for its future use is when your child wants to play sick to stay home, pull out that bottle of Mucinex and slowly pour it into the cup while they watch in horror. You may get better attendance. It should also go to Guantanamo Bay to replace waterboarding.




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