New Tech

I just switched to iPhone & I love it. I'll be using it to blog more often as I interact with new events. When I was at the last Phoenix Comic-con my droid was constantly running out of power and my video selfies weren't great. I hope that will be different.


My Wife’s Mom Dancing

Stephen King’s writing process

Patrick Rothfuss Writing Process

Cinderella’s Gone by Mark Dolin

Cinderella’s Gone by Mark Dolin

Funding Feature Films and Submitting your TV Series to Networks:

This is a brilliant interview. I really enjoyed this.

Source: Funding Feature Films and Submitting your TV Series to Networks:

Vanity Press Warning

Vanity Press Warning

I got a call from a vanity press company one day. They said that one of their publishing packages would be $8000. I said, “Great, mail it over.” They said, “No, you have to pay us $8000 to publish with us.” “Why should I do that? I would be making you money if you published my book.” They replied, “The author of Fifty Shades of Grey paid to publish with a publisher like us and look how successful she became.” I hung up.

The best​ option would be, just don’t​.